Friday, March 24, 2006

Random thought in my head

Does anyone remember as children how horrible it was to be a geek.
Does anyone remember in university discovering a whole building filled with geeks, who were not quite ready to admit to the fact they were geeks.
Does anyone now realize they are a geek and are much more willing to admit to being a geek than they are willing to admit to being normal.

By Sabrina - 9:38 p.m. |

i remember!
The worst thing to happen togeeks growing up is that they're socially isolated from each other because you think that standing next to the kid who's even nerdier than you wil make you appear as more of a target in the eyes of the rest.

As soon as people realize they don't need the approval of people that don't care about you anyway then things suddenly fall into place.
I am myself. I reject the idea of normal and refuse to comform to someone else's idea of normal. That said, other labels like geek are equally meaningless. I am simply me.

Sure, I had a hard time when I was younger. Kids can be pretty cruel when they see something different. However, like Al said, I don't care what others think.
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