Monday, January 02, 2006

SuprGlu is SuprSweet

It seems like every time I start some idea or another there now seems to be the overwhelming need to give it its own blog. Between that and guest blogging on other people's sites my dashboard is bigger than anyone else I know, and I also have my company's blog running on WordPress and an account on TypePad for the now-derelict Community Broadcast Centre. That's not even mentioning my Podcast feed, flickr photo feed and bookmarks RSS feed.

In short: Web 2.0 is a big, disgusting mess.

Thankfully there's now, (I'll forgive the cute spelling as superglue dot com is probably happily in the hands of some late-90s domain squatter.) What it does is it collects all the different feeds from the various web services you have accounts with and combines them into one nice-looking web page, so someone can keep updated on everything you might be up to without the flurry of cross-posting and self-promotion a lot of us seem to enjoy so much.

I made up one for me here:

And of course it goes without saying that this digest page also has its own RSS feed, so you can have all of your doctor-recommended dose of Al's sweetness spoonfed to you without even typing in a URL each day.

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When I'm feeling less lazy I'll fix the RSS and Atom icons on the sidebar and stick this feed in a prominent location. The suprglu generated page also contains one of those retarded tag clouds that nobody likes but is easy to code so everyone makes them. Live by the bandwagon, die by the bandwagon, I guess. At least it'll give me a reason to keep putting in those technorati tags at the bottom of my posts.
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