Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Trivia Enthusiast / Bad-Ass M.C.

Trivia last night was a success, according to the people I chatted with afterwards. Everyone liked my questions, which I posted to the trivia blog like usual (a lot easier to copy and paste them then to try and remember them the next day.)

There were a few smartasses who got in the way of my revenue stream by answering the beer questions right away, which is usually my schtick. Someone guessed right away that the Canadian Tire guy was #1 on the most irritating Canadian list that I had. That just goes to show how irritating he is.

g. caught that I had mentioned at least a couple of the questions here on this blog, like Fawlty Towers. If I ever host trivia again I should leave hints in my blog for like a week before just to reward people who are fans of me. Funnily enough my usual team tied for the highest score after round 1 but then got slaughtered in round 2, while g.'s team only had 2 points in round 1 but got among the best scores in round 2.

I had fun walking around and talking to people whom I don't normally talk to because everyone usually sticks to their own table / team. It was also fun giving out the beer and t-shirt prizes to people, especially the ones who aren't regulars and may have been feeling a bit intimidated by the high-scoring teams.

If they need a substitute host again I'd definitely do it. Good times.

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