Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Milk Crisis of ought-five

So basically I'm grasping at what remains of my keys to existance today. I ran out of coffee a couple of days ago and today I used a packet that came in an accounting firm gift basket. Good coffee, and the very last coffee filter to boot. Excellent luck so far. I pour myself a cup, go to the fridge, and naturally, I'm out of milk.

Go to the corner store? pssh. Not while there's a perfectly good carton of egg nog in my fridge, I won't.
al says:
Out of coffee cream. Wondering if egg nog is an acceptable substitute?
1UP says:
oh, yes!
1UP says:
*something about those darn kids these days*
1UP says:
I used ice cream once, it was pretty good.
Somehow I knew I had asked the right person.

Anyway, the end result was kind of bland, like coffee with cream and a little hint of vanilla. So I added some cinnamon and a bit of sugar and ended up with something that was actually kind of good. Then I realized this is probably what those coffee shops sell as 'spiced eggnog' flavour and felt far less like the great food inventor I've had bouts of since I was 4 and figured if I liked chocolate milk and I liked cheerios then clearly chocolate milk and cheerios would be bliss and more like a dork who takes longer to ordera cup of coffee than to drink it.

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