Tuesday, December 20, 2005

QSC X-Mas Party

Cyn has a good post up mentioning the great little get-together we had last night at the Queen S. Commons. Link.

Christmas at the QSC

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In keeping with workplace Christmas traditions everywhere, we, at the Queen Street Commons, had a Christmas social last night. A good crowd showed up with their deliciously decadent offerings of dips and what nots and we ate, drank, talked and laughed into the night.


The shop talk at the QSC, I suspect, is quite different than say the shop talk that might occur at a Christmas party for the PEI's Department of Health. For one thing we are small enough and care enough that we know our SO's first names, so when we do talk shop we can say the person's name if we need to. There is no boss at the next table to talk about, no sucking up, no stress from possibly getting axed in the new year...there is no such thing as getting axed when you're the boss of your own self.
I'm a bit surprised at myself at just how much of How the Grinch Stole Christmas I have memorized. I was whispering right along with the narrator parts when the rest were reading it from the script, which was a nice touch.

Also fun was me slurping down oysters loudly purely because it grossed out someone I had just met who has the same name as me. Also fun was realizing you're being talked about when you first get there and sneaking up slowly behind the person doing it without them knowing.

I think the best indication that we're the coolest kids in town is that people who work at other places came to our Christmas party ;)

I only dropped by after going to see a friend in the hospital so I missed the bulk of it all, but slightly thinner crowds are more my speed anyway so it's all good.

By al - 2:37 PM |

K, Alex, you were not whispering.
And neither were we when we were talking about you.
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