Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Geeks and Wikipedia

I was at a bookstore a few weeks ago and on a whim, I picked up one of those many Star Wars books and quickly read the back. To my surprise, it stated that Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade working on the same side. Well, it's a surprise to me because I haven't read a Star Wars book for years and the ones I did read, Mara was out to kill Luke. After imagining what probably happened in my mind, I thought "Geeks love the internet. I bet wikipedia has an article on Mara Jade that explains everything". I was right. She does end up marrying Luke. . . typical geek fantasy I guess.

By Ming - 3:03 p.m. |

It's actually one of the major criticisms of wikipedia that it's so heavily lopsided towards topics ike science fiction and technology while having a rather less thorough and not very well-thought-out philosophy section.
The domination of wikipedia by SF obsessives was brillaiantly lambasted by The Onion here: Link.
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