Friday, December 02, 2005

My Antonia

If you aren't reading Azerbic, Antonia Zerbisias's Toronto Star blog (she's the media columnist for the star.), you probably aren't getting your required daily dose of snark.

As an introduction here's a video of her taking Bill O'Reilly to school and delivering a swift paddling, and here's where she talks about asking Bob Woodward some very tough questions about why he's now a White House shill.

And here's an interview she did with the Independent's Robert Fisk about the media's caged-up existance in Iraq. (found via Matt Good's blog, Link), another surprisingly good source of (rather more angry) commentary on politics and international issues.

Mostly her blog's focus is on Canadian politicians, and also she does a lot of spillover and followup from her media column talking about the incestuous world of Canadian newspaper personalities. Very sharp writing is somethign Canadian blogs tend to lack.

By al - 8:21 a.m. |

I met Antonia at a wedding reception this past summer in Stratford (Keppoch to be precise). My friend, whose reception it was, is the son of a retired Star columnist. I told Antonia I read her blog and her immediate question was "So are you a lefty or righty?". She's a boisterous lady. Very nice.
Hey ... Didn't your brother look after my ankle (which turned out to be a subluxed something) after I fell at that wedding? ... Thanks for the kind words!

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