Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My New Favourite Tea

I think it's a well known fact I don't drink coffee. The times I did drink the stuff was usually out of desperation (with a mix of success and failure). The different Chinese teas are great, however making a cup at work is pretty impractical. I haven't been much of a fan of herbal teas they've been stocking at the cafeteria. I find them weak. . . and herbally.

Black tea is my new favorite tea. I've seen it referred to as English Breakfast tea (aptly named as this is bound to wake just about anyone in the morning). It's a strong and fairly bitter tea with a good amount of kick in it. I like it.

By Ming - 4:32 p.m. |

Mel has one of these to make tea in. It's a great way to make tea from loose tea leaves.
Ahh good old bog plain English tea. Love the stuff. Probably get that from my mother, if she's at home there's almost certainly a boiling kettle on the stove.
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