Wednesday, November 30, 2005

American Enterprise Institute wants to meddle in Canadian election

So apparently the same outfit that ran attack ads against Howard Dean in Iowa in 2004 (why a Republican group was busying themselves with the Democratic Party primary is beyond me) is now telling Stephen Harper to run American-style attack ads during this election campaign.
We know how the Liberals will campaign against Stephen Harper. They will fill the airwaves with ads in which a concerned female voice talks of a "scary secret agenda" while the screen flashes grim, black-and-white photographs of the Conservative leader.

The real question is: How will Harper fight back?

Maybe this time, he should try some negative ads of his own. How about one showing the face of Joe Morselli and some highlights from his career--over a recording of the voice of former Liberal director-general Daniel Dezainde testifying that Morselli was the "real boss" of the Liberal party in Quebec? Maybe the ad could then fade into a clip of Dezainde testifying that he believed that Morselli had threatened his life.

Or perhaps Stephen Harper could carry with him a manila envelope stuffed as if it contained $120,000 in hundred-dollar bills: the amount of cash Marc-Yvan Cote says he received from former Liberal party official Michel Beliveau.
So be on the lookout. If you see mention of tactics like this, we can be sure that the Conservatives are taking advice from scumbag republican thinktanks who should be too busy demonizing mothers of dead US soldiers to be meddling in another nation's election campaigns.

The author of this little bit of advice, David Frum, was also apparently the genius who first thought of the 'axis of evil' line that Bush loved so much.

By al - 9:34 AM |

But you did notice the author is Canadian David Frum (son of the late great CBC newswoman Barbara Frum), and the source is an article he wrote for the National Post? I don't think the Neocon invasion is imminent.
Well, this organization is paying Mr. Frum's paycheque while he sits in Washington, D.C. and shoots off a column about Canadian politics as seen by political operative used to the U.S. political and media environment. I don't personally think that style would fit in Canada, and I'm hoping we don't come to see too much of it.
I understand. AEI is synonymous with neocon baby eaters these days. We're doomed to a negative campaign though, and it will come from all sides. Do you remember the Liberal ad in the last campaign with the split second shot of a gun firing straight into your face. They're gettin' subliminal on us now! Next thing you know one of the parties will be hiring Raveen to work the polls in swing ridings.
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