Monday, November 28, 2005

Blood in the Water

If you're not watching Question Period on CBC Newsworld right now you're missing a really good show. All the opposition members are getting in their best shots before finally pulling the trigger, roasting the government on the spit with their best material.

They even dug up some vaguely racist statements by Michael Ignatieff who is expected to run as a Liberal but isn't part of the government yet.

Update: Sweet Jesus people are stupid. Here's the scoop on the Ignatieff thing: Link.
The quotes in question which are 'anti-Ukranian' are taken out of context, and are basically from a deconstruction of the stereotype that takes an entire chapter in the book in question. He's stating what he disagree's with, not what he believes.

As for the nomination process, the two so called candidates were both intelligible - one had not resigned from another position in the party, and one was not even a member of the party. Neither of those things could have been corrected on the stop, so neither of them could have registered even if they had showed up on time / been let in.
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By al - 3:45 p.m. |

I was just reading briefly about him. I guess the controversy comes a book he wrote dealing Ukrainian. According to him the comments being used are snippets that are taken out of contexts, but if you read the whole chapter I guess he makes the exact opposite point.

But the full story doesn't make for good headlines or MP fodder...
It doesn't help that the local riding association is going to provide fodder for theother parties.
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