Friday, November 25, 2005

What the Hell do they think they are doing

Okay so, I heard this through a source that is directly tied to the ambulances and it makes me furious. I can’t believe the government of this island would be self righteous. They could possibly be so underhanded and I really don’t understand why I have not heard this in the news yet. Though it is possible it has been in a paper or on a radio show I have not listen to yet. This has infuriated me. I have always complained about the under handed manner of the government but this. This is just behind comprehension. Not only have they possibly messed up the ambulance service of our province but they have taken the lively hood of several islanders away with out cause. Though I am sure this is some way they can make cuts to the health care budget, and only those who use the ambulance service will see a change.

Now exactly what has been done is still rumors as far as I know, but if it is true (and from the sounds of the people involved it is). The Bin’s government has taken it upon themselves to revoke the licenses of all the ambulance companies on this island, as of April 2006. The Bastards have decided that it would be better if all the ambulances on this island where owned by one owner and as a result will have a single dispatch. The down fall to all of this they are allowing off island companies to bid on the contract as well as on island companies. Now if an off island company does win the bid, there is nothing to say that the dispatch has to remain on PEI. What that means for you and I is when some one we care about has been seriously hurt or has fallen ill and we call for an ambulance the call will be transferred to a main land dispatch. Ask any one who lives on PEI, where Enmore is. They probably know. But experience has shown me that once you leave the Maritimes most people only know of Cavendish and Charlottetown, if you’re lucky they have heard of Summerside. I am not comfortable with the thoughts that someone who barely knows about PEI is taking care of our emergencies.

Honestly I do not want to see this happen. There are more reasons. I have not heard whether or not the people who currently work for the ambulances will automatically keep their jobs or not. The companies who currently do the dispatch for island ambulances will lose their contracts and as a result it may cause lay off in those business. It is hard for me to sit here and think that this is the best course of action for Prince Edward Island’s health care system, which already suffers from so many issues. This is one of those issues that makes me as an Islander want to revolt against our provincial government. Do something that will really get there attention.

By Sabrina - 10:28 a.m. |

That sounds like an incredibly poorly thought-out plan, if what you say is true.

Makes you stand back and ask who might benefit from such a drastic shakeup?
again I can't say for 100% sure that this is going on, but my source is directly effected by this descion. I am worried about such decisions. They are underhanded and well they don't even have to compensate the people who own these companies, because they revoke the license. It makes me wonder what else they will beable to effect so drastically.
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