Saturday, October 01, 2005

Hurricane Headed Towards Cabo San Lucas


Haven't heard from Katherine in days, she was supposed to get back from some kind of vacation yesterday, but they started evacuating the town where she lives today. The storm (Otis) is gathering strength and is expected to hit Cabo on Monday. They're expecting flooding. Katherine lives in a little cottage by the beach.

At least she has a car, she's better off than the poor Mexicans living there that are being evacuated to shelters. Though at least they still seem better off than the people in New Orleans. But that's another story.

I probably shouldn't have told my parents, they're going to worry themselves now because she hasn't called. I know she's smart and on top of things and would be first in line heading out of the place, but wouldn't think to call home. That's just her nature. Mine too, I suppose. We're smart enough to take care of ourselves but forget about the fact that other people might worry about us.
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By al - 8:06 a.m. |

I am sure your sister will be fine.
Hey neat, I never realized that image was a live-updating picture of the weather. Guess the storm is gone now. :)
That's funny. "I swore there was a storm there. . . ." :-p
since nothing more has been said, i presume all is well?
moe: yep, the storm weakened and veered north of Cabo :)
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