Thursday, September 29, 2005

World Trivia Night

Peter has asked me to be on his team that he's entering for World Trivia Night in Ottawa on November 4th. My team yesterday at Churchill arms was rather unceremoniously slaughtered, but I blame an inexperienced trivia host who doesn't seem to have the ear for a factlet that people will have inadvertently heard sometime in the course of their lives, instead just asking questions for which you had to have been reading a certain newpaper on a particular day to have learned.

I might go if I can get a ride with Dirty Alex whom he also invited. (between the two of us, myself and Dirty Alex, we used to pwn Jeopardy and Rock'n'Roll Jeopardy at MacKenzie House. I miss those days.)

I answered 8 of the 10 sample questions correctly right off the bat, so I think I'll do allright with the kinds of questions they might ask. Oh, and it's for charity, so I'll be pestering people soon enough for cash, with the money going to the Children's Aid Society.

Peter's even set up a team blog:, for team co-ordination and for posting random facts we come across. A competitive trivia blog is a very neat idea, perhaps something that we could keep going after the World Trivia Night is over.
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By al - 1:27 a.m. |

I bet you will do well. Let me know how it goes
I read the questions that you got slaughtered with the other night. A lot of them were very obscure, I think you were right about an inexperience trivia host.

I only got 7 right of the sample questions, hence why I asked you to come up. The team will be the people I play trivia type games with up plus the people who knew more than me from my past. Could be a strong team if you you and Alex can make it up.
This is a late post to be sure, but before donatubg funds to CAS in future, you may wish to research how these societies operate - there is no question you will be shocked
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