Friday, September 23, 2005

WS to Open for PJ in NFLD. OMGWTF.

Rumour was floating yesterday, now it's confirmed. Instead of not having an opening act, Pearl Jam have gotten East Coast favourites Wintersleep to open for their St. John's show.

I've seen them plenty of times before and I'm not so much excited to see them again as I am excited that they're getting such a great chance to open for the greatest band of the 90s. This won't do much to quell the Pearl Jam comparisons, but I'm sure they won't fret too much about that. Also Loal and Matt Cameron can do a duelling drummer thing maybe ;)

Previous Wintersleep blogging action: 1, 2, 3.

Sitting here at the Just Us Coffee Shop on Barrington St. organizing our meetup with Gonzo who's coming to Newfoundland with us.

Picked up a ticket to see KMFDM at the Attic on the 10th. I'm totally going nuts on the concert-going, it seems. I can't believe KFMDM are going to play there. So good. My grade 8 self is gonna flip.

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Long live grade 8!
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