Friday, September 23, 2005

The Attic Rules

OK, so I was in a pretty black mood earlier but I stand by everything I wrote. It was all pretty much horseshit. But at least we got to see a really sweet cover band at the Attic when Taylor and Willie and I decided we needed to go for a walk. We ended up watching the drama at pizza corner for a while (I honestly felt safer walking around the streets of San Francisco) and then wandered over to the Attic. The sucky thing was the long wait at the bar, but there was a wicked cover band playing who pretty much played heavy-ied up versions of 90's favourites.

Even when the band wasn't playing, the background music at The Attic is pretty much the sweetest thing ever. I love that place. I almost forgot that I was supposed to be having a shitty night.

All I know is Newfoundland is going to make up for it. We're going to see to that.

By al - 2:40 a.m. |

ya, the attic is pretty fanfreakintastic.
the only issue i have with it is the smoking. i've been spoiled by the non-smoking ban.
but the awesomeness of the place far outweights that.

and yeah, long waits at the bar suck too.
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