Thursday, January 03, 2008

A random list of things that smell good

  • Peach juice

  • Barbecue pork

  • Static electricity - like when you put your nose up to a CRT or an old TV after it's been turned off, and the air is all ionized. I don't know if that counts as a smell or not.

  • New plastic toys

  • A new RC car that drains 8 alkaline batteries at once, being driven at full speed for over 10 minutes. The smell of electricity, basically.

  • When a girl comes out of the shower and has shampooed her hair, but hasn't put on any other perfume yet.

  • Old books

  • The plasticy-dusty smell you might notice when you are desperately blowing into an old NES to make it work.

  • Chlorinated swimming pool

  • Freshly-ground hazelnut coffee

  • New guitar strings

  • Fruit loops and / or leather polish. It's basically the same smell.

  • Rainy days when the grass is green and alive

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