Tuesday, January 01, 2008

No I will not fix your computer

OK, to all the people who seem to be infected with this MSN virus going around: I am officially not going to help you clean out your computers to get rid of it. I'm just going to block you.

That is all.

By al - 11:51 p.m. |

there's an msn virus going around?

it's a good thing i don't accept anything at all from people unless i am forewarned they are sending it, and know what it is.

here is a lolcat picture to maybe cheer you up from frustration.
I never accepted anything but somehow I have a virus on my computer that will randomly have my audio taken over by some "news show" where they interview Paris Hilton.

Its sooo fucked up and scary in the night when you forget to turn your speakers off.Especially when she cues into the sex noises.
Stupid blogger won't let me use an image tag, so here:

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