Sunday, December 09, 2007

Stupid Shipping

Well, I was all ready to purchase this gift pack:

Can't go wrong as a Christmas gift for the one of the Idiocracy fans I know. The $20 price tag is pretty fair as well. Except that USPS shipping to Canada is FORTY EIGHT DOLLARS. Even in worthless American dollars that's still way too much money for two novelty cans and a T-Shirt. I hate America even more than I did before today, and vote for Hugo Chavez if I could, that's how much I already hate America.

So in lieu of a hilarious gift, just watch this ad:


By al - 11:17 p.m. |

48 dollars for shipping??? that's insane!!!
Do they sell something like this in Toronto? I could totally bring it back for you.....look into it.
Did you know that the guys who did that ad are an improv/comedy troupe from Halifax? Search youtube for Picnicface and watch their stuff--especially the powerthirst and Halifax videos.
Hah, that's awesome. "Win at _____" does seem to be a common Halifax expression, though.
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