Saturday, December 15, 2007


Last night was pretty interesting. It was our office Christmas party. There was the usual dinner and all that, but part of the night was a trivia night, which they asked me to host. Thankfully there were no requirements to do any questions about the company or anything like that, so I agreed to do it. There were 140 people in the room so it was the biggest crowd I ever spent any amount of time speaking in front of. Fortunately they had a wireless mic that I was able to use to walk around the room and interact with the crowd which I enjoy doing a lot when I do trivia.

_Un_fortunately, when someone was about to hand me the mic, I was sitting at my table telling a story that culminated in the phrase "See you in Hell, fuckers!" Figuring out the sensitivity range of that mic afterwards I realized I was about 2 seconds shy of having the whole room hear me, including two senior vice presidents and a director.

But I managed to get through the hour I was supposed to fill making fun of people and joking around and being a general smartass without swearing once, by the grace of God and nothing else. People seemed to really enjoy it anyway, and I felt comfortable with the crowd pretty quickly and realized they were into it and waiting for each question and really into the bonus questions where I get them to shout out answers. I'm told I have a way of making fun of someone for getting a wrong answer but still making them feel good, weirdly enough, but it seems to work.

But considering who was watching it will be interesting to see if they ever let me near a microphone again at work.


By al - 3:30 p.m. |

Sounds like you had a pretty good time!
Yep, lots of fun for sure. Had quite a few people thank me at the office today and say I did a good job.
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