Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ads in CBC Podcasts

I just played the latest As It Happens podcast and was pretty jarred to hear "Delivery of this podcast is brought to you by the all new Cadillac..." Hearing a CBC radio announcer voicing an advertisement is quite off-putting. You expect these voices to be giving you real news and the reputation of CBC Radio's objectivity as a public broadcaster lends these voices an air of authority and trustworthiness. This evaporates when you hear one of them reading ad copy.

Yes I know it costs money to deliver these thigns, but CBC's been able to do live streaming for over a decasde now without resorting to inserting audio ads in the content.

The way people listen to music and audio content now is no longer confined to listening to it live on a radio. As far as any listener is concerned, this is CBC radio, it's how they listen to it now. So sticking an ad in ther eis not somehow less of a transgression against their duty as a public proadcaster than putting ads in their live broadcasts.

They put baner ads on last year, now this, what line will they cross next?

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