Sunday, February 04, 2007


I hate not having my internet conection. using al's computer briefly to check email is okay...but man it is not the ideal. All the setting I have on my computer are not necessarily the same for Al. and well...I just want to sit down and use my computer.

to note I really do like the new place but it has seemed like electronic hell since we arrived here.
At first Al lost his phone and the recharging post in my phone broke, so for a few days we were with out internet and with out phones.

tried to by a DVD player and the door would not open. Tried to return and buy a new one and the remote won't work.

As for my computer, Windows will not connect to internet and my burner seems to have given up the gost.

To help with all the fun issues I can't seem to get the light bulbs out of the light fixgture in the kitchen. I know that sounds stupid but when I try to turn the light bulb the entire fixture moves too. and I am not tall enought to hold on to the fixture and the light bulb.

well okay so the electronic hell may take some time to fix...I think I should invite over every geek I know to fix my computer and see what happens...I could end up with my computer back the way I like it. Working...or you know some supped up version that will not only conect to the internet but take it over.

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