Sunday, January 28, 2007


So this was the product of one of those message board threads where someone casually mentions that scavenger hunts are neat and before you know it there's a list of items and 3 teams ready to go.

Here's the list, we got most of these but one team got every single one which was very impressive.

  • One living flower.
  • A quarter bearing the year corresponding to the birth year of each team member. (My sacks of quarters collected while hosting trivia helped here.)
  • Pictures of 3 closed bars in town. (We used JR's, Myron's and Melon's, since they're all so close together)
  • A picture of a team member behind the counter of a fast food restaurant wearing an employee's nametag. We went to Robin's Donuts downtown figuring it would be empty.
  • Pictures of a team member with 3 peilocals members. (One of ours was naked.)
  • Picture of a team member with an RCMP officer, bonus point if you give him bunny ears in the photo. (We didn't get this, we stopped at the RCMP station but it was closed. There was a cabbie outside waiting for someone inside but apparently he was bringing out a prisoner so it seemed like a bad time.)
  • Go up to a stranger and tell them you are going to audition for "Canadian Idol" and then sing them a Journey or some other 80's hair metal band song. 2 of our members sang "Total Eclipse of the Heart" to previously mentioned cabbie. Youtube link.
  • Photos of team members members with all of the members of a local band and their autographs. We drove clear across town to get photos with the two members of Hacksaw Jim Thuggin.
  • Picture of a team member with crazy Darlene. Bonus points if you buy a coat hanger from her. (We drove past Capt. Sub looking for her but she was apparently there later.)
  • Pick up a stranger and bring them the rest of the way on your hunt.
  • Go to That's Entertainment and go into the porn section. Ask someone in there for a porn recommendation. Rent said porn. The winning team rented Jerk Off Jocks. We were recommended the one that was a spoof of Pirates of the Caribbean. Youtube holla.
I think that's everything. There was no prize. Just internet fame.

Update: Moe posted her team's results as well. Link.

Update 2: And a video of the winning team's singing is here: Link.

By al - 5:02 p.m. |

the winning team didn't rent porn.
our team rented jerk off jocks, but we didn't win.
fuck i can sing.
That cabbie didn't know crap about good singing.
this is an awesome/hilarious idea.
I'm so glad other people climbed on board with this, as of Sunday morning I thought it was just going to be myself, Gabrielle and Cory.

If I knew how to drive/wasn't a spazz losing stuff all the time we may have done better. Apparently I'm crazy!
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