Saturday, January 27, 2007

Year of the Hippo

I went and bought a PS3 after selling off the PS2. 2 big holes in the entertainment cabinet was 2 too much. There were 8 unsold units at Walmart. Yeah I know, that's a bad sign :). So here I am, one week into early adopterhood. My first 1st run hardware. Hopefully I won't ever need to use the factory warranty. *smiles nervously*

Playing through Resistance: Fall of Man. I didn't know it's from the same guys that did Spyro the Dragon and Ratchet & Clank. Solid game. Doesn't feel like a launch title at all. I've yet to buy Gundam Crossfire sure it's a crummy cash-in. But it's Gundam!! And that's why it was the #1 seller in Japan. Because people like me don't know any better than to stop buying crappy Gundam games. All in the hopes that someday we'll get a quality title. I think I know how the Star Wars people feel. Oh well, the Gran Turismo HD demo makes up for it. Purdy.

The PS Network and Store are nowhere near the Xbox Live user experience. Nothing about it spells seamless. So much for that corporate boasting. And I miss rumble in my uber lightweight controller. :(

I'm sort of on the hunt for a Wii. Meaning as soon as I see one at retail during regular shopping - it's mine. That won't be til the Summer, I've heard. 2nd run Wii for me. I was going to wait until they both had solid libraries, but ah screw it. I'm anxious to get back to the console status quo.

I forgot to mention Sony Canada quietly dropped the 20 gig model and is selling the 60 gig premium for $699.99 (40 bucks more). Yay, umm, I saved 40 and tax after spending, let's not talk about it...

They had 125 of these on Friday at but now I see they're all gone. Never in all my years have I seen the MSRP go up. I don't care if your company's goin under. I want my subsidy. :)

By TVT - 9:34 a.m. |

just a quick note: don't go by the online stock availability. i don't know if it's ever been right.
i got yelled at quite a few times because it said an item was in stock that wasn't, or the website said there were none, but we had lots. i don't even understand why they have that feature.

maybe it's been fixed. this was 2 or 3 years ago.
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