Friday, December 08, 2006

Robin's Donuts: Not Terrible

Because of the gigantic snowflakes bombarding Charlottetown today I had to finally bite the bullet and try Robin's for my coffee, since it's right next to the ATC.

It was too hot inside, even though it's winter, no air conditioning, a really annoyig buzzer every the door is opened and closed, very sparse interior.

The service was OK once the girl realized I was there (the loud buzzer isn't loud enough apparently) and finished up the conversation she was having with her apparently superfluous co-worker.

They pour their coffee from those dispenser things liek the gas stations have. I could have done it myself if they put them out from behind the counter. Then I could leave $1.50 on the counter and the poor overworked girl woulddn't have to get up or walk over to the cash register.

Anyway, the coffee was very mild, and 'double cream' means a lot more cream than Tim Horton's does, or Tim's coffee is just stronger. Who knows. Once this weather clears it's back to old reliable timed-to-the-second-service Tim's or the always cool folks at Timothy's.

By al - 2:15 p.m. |

Hey Al -

Robin's is easily the "easiest" drinking coffee around. I could not go a day without 3 large triple triples in an extra large cup.
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