Saturday, July 08, 2006


Got to hold Sabrina's niece, Nimue, for the first time last night. She's 3 weeks old, and I'm pretty sure I've never held a baby that young before. This is the first baby that a friend of mine has had while we were close together enough to visit. There really is an instincual tendency in mammals to find all babies cute, evven when they burp and cry and do all the disgusting things living creatures do.

Humming to her and her feeling the vibrations of my voice through my chest and arms was one of those profound, small moments that I talked about yesterday. When I felt her react to my voice and stop crying so much and finally pay attention to her pacifier it wsa probably the closest I've felt to another human being of any age in a very long time.

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I'm all set to be a Dad (government willing). :(

The best part about babies is definitely making them. Somebodies gotta continue my Street Fighter legacy.

I think Duc's mom is still harassing him for grand kids. Ah. Asian parents. :)
The best part about babies is definitely making them.

My parents just got their first grand kid and now they have got the whole family involved in harassing me for the next one.

I don't know about Asian parent, but European desent have this thing about grandkids
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