Monday, July 03, 2006

A Front Door, A Back Door, and a Royal Tandoor

So I finally got a chance to check out the Royal Tandoor today, the new restaurant on University Ave. in the location of doom next to Cedars.  Right now they only have buffet, and it’s just over $9 in total for lunch and a couple of dollars more for supper, with those prices going up in a week or so.  Right now it’s a pretty good deal for lunch, though.


Buffets are normally gut-busting affairs, and having gone 4 rounds with the Mandarin on a couple of occasions while in Toronto this place didn’t stand a chance.  However the nature of the food, which is all curries plus a small salad bar, means that you can’t really consume a whole lot of it.  Everything was pretty tasty, and most of the dishes were vegetarian to boot, so that’s a bonus, seeing as how I seem to be flypaper for hippies at times.  The coolest thing they have is the curry eggs, basically whole boiled eggs in a curry sauce.  The consistency is kind of unsettling but it’s covered in curry, and since curry can make even a block of tofu taste kind of good the egg ends up being quite an interesting experience.


There was a perpetually empty tray that I can only guess must contain naan bread at some point.  I never managed to get to it in time, though, it seemed.  Instead I was stuck with these thin little tortillas that were fine for the first one, but after that they didn’t hold their structure very well, so I was forced to use a fork and just eat the curry off of the plate.  Not quite the same as when you get to play with your food, sadly.


The different varieties of spices and sauces are quite the food education, I hope they stick around, and maybe get a menu going as well sooner or later.

By al - 12:54 p.m. |

Yum. I want to try this place!

' flypaper for hippies' - haha, i liked this.
My friend Bhavin in England makes a curry to die for. Mmm.

Now I want indian food and all I have is Ed's Sub.
k, definitely hitting this spot up soon.
those curry eggs sound glorious.
Going again today. Can't wait.
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