Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sunrise at Pointe Tuscadero, Los Cabos, Mexico

So I only spent a day at the Hilton, then we drove up a severe dirt road along the sides of somme pretty sheer cliffs to get to a little resort in the middle of nowhere. The wedding ceremony was here, with a couple of days before to just hang out and relax. I was still pretty wound up from the trip and such and didn't really sleep much the first night. But I did get to spend the first night out on the deck looking over the water. The temperature was just about perfect, and the sounds of the ocean were the perfect accompaniment to sleep.The stars were also really bright. (Oddly, the big dipper seems to be upside-down here.)

At one point I was doing a meditation / yoga routine that I've been building up onmy own. Part of it involves taking in sounds, telling yourself "let the sounds play with your eardrums and blend together. There are no good sounds. There are no bad sounds. Only sound." At this point I heard the "eeeeee" sound of a mosquito near my ear. That sort of broke the mood as I said "there's a bad sound!" andd swatted at it.

That was the only one that I noticed, though. Much better than the mosquito population on PEI.

I was awake just as the sun was breaking over the water. It happened so quickly that as I was looking at the picture I had taken, and looked up again, it was up another couple of degrees in the sky already.

Sunrise and sunset here are at a pretty consistent 12 - 13 hour interval here, so the days in June are fairly short compared to PEI's.

By al - 7:32 p.m. |

Looks like an amazingly beautiful place dude.

They must be some celebrations in Mexico to... as they won their first game in this year's world cup match.

Hope you're having a great time.
I'm very jealous...very jealous indeed. Gorgeous pictures :-)
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