Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Immaculate Machine tonight @ Arts Guild

OK I know there are a few people who have become hooked on cbc radio 3's podcasts of independent Canadian music.  If you have been listening to them for the past while you've almost certainly heard of Immaculate Machine, theyre an indie-pop group from Victoria that shares a lot in common with The New Pornographers.  I'm really stoked that they're doing a show in Charlottetown.  After this they're off to play some dates in the Northeastern US. Here's their MySpace page:  Go and listen to a few songs, especially Broken Ship, which is apparently the song that the singer now resents for being so much more well-known than the rest.  Hopefully they still know what's good for them and will play it tonight, though.

The show starts at 9pm, they will be accompanied by Down With The Butterfly, who are also pretty fantastic.  Anyone who normally isn't into the bar / live music scene should totally check this out, since it's an early show and the Arts Guild has a great setup. Andrea MacDonald set this show up, which is funny because I was talking to her at a show a few weeks ago and mentioned that the band playing reminded me of Immaculate Machien, just out of the blue, and it turned out she was in the process of getting the show going.  Coincidences rule.

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