Monday, March 20, 2006

My Two Cents on Those Whiney Conservatives

This has been all over the political blogs today: How to spot a baby conservative (TorStar)

The gist of it is that kids who were insecure, whiney tattlers tended to grow up to be conservatives while independent-minded free-thinking type kids tended t ogrow up to be liberal in their thinking. Of course the triumphalism with which such news is greeted sort of nulls any substantive impact it might have had, though the revellers would certainly be relieved as it comes on the heels of hearing that Republicans are happier than Democrats.

I would wonder if it isn't so much conservatism as it is an attraction to the solid base of structural authority. I.e., in Canada I can think of plenty of the same types who were attracted to the Liberal party, not so much for its ideals (it doesn't have any that aren't apt to change with the winds) but for the institutional nature of its position.

Maybe these types of people are attracted to institutionalized religious organizatons for the same reason, which could be another channel for their becoming 'conservative'.

All I can really take from these is that it doesn't take very much to get a study published these days other than headline potential.

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