Tuesday, March 21, 2006

last.fm Journals are Hilarious

I signed up for a last.fm account last week, my profile is here: last.fm/user/Alejandro_79/ if you want to add me to your friends list or somesuch. Mostly this should serve to burst the bubble of reputation I have for good taste in music when you see the number of times I listen to Weezer's blue album.

They give you a couple of neat little blog toys, like this one:

Anyway, oneof the features it has is an internal blogging system that lets you see what other people have written about songs that are in your 'recently played' list. Which is how I found this bit of weirdness:

Was Mozart a joke band?

Tuesday, 21 March at 15:27

I grew up on joke music. Spike Jones, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Dr. Demento are literally in my blood. However, my father strictly prohibited me from listening to anyone outside of these three. So I've had to find out about the other worlds of music myself. Lately I've been delving into the classical genre. The works of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart remind me much of the music I listened to as a child.

Compared to all the other classical music out there, his music is a lot more fun and playful. Also, it seems like most of the songs never really go anywhere. They're very awkward sounding. Not quirky awkward like Frank Zappa or somethen', it's just awkward. I first considered, maybe he was on crack or E or somethen'. Then I realized that this was a completely different time period and different things were considered 'acceptable' back then. Like I'm sure people from the future will think John Mayer is terrible, despite that today we are convinced that he is our generation's James Taylor. But his music hasn't dated, according to critics. Apparently, it's timeless. Yeah, it's timeless, it's timeless BAD MUSIC.

I'm starting to come to light, that maybe this Mozart thing, is a joke the classical snobs are playing on us lesser music fans. You know how nobody actually likes Radiohead and people just say they're this amazing brilliant experimental act to be ironic? I think it might be the same thing with Mozart. Because, really, think about it logically. His music is so boring. You can get the same effect from Mozart's music that you get from a 10 year old jumping on a trampoline. Yes, it's playful, what's your point?

I think Mozart was sincere in his attempts to make music. So he's probably not a joke band like Anal Cunt or somethen'. Since Mozart was probably a retard, what he was trying to convey in his music was received on a completely different, ironic, level that he didn't know about. So I don't think he was actually a comedian, but it's sort of a Wesley Willis thing. People who say he 'sucks' will be called off as unsavvy. Most savvy people use extreme words to use towards Wesley like 'genius' and 'brilliant.' I constantly hear the same words applied to Mozart.

Again, sorry if this is obvious to you. But I'm new to this music thing, as I explained earlier. I don't know who's ironically liked and who's not.

I'm as confused as you are, frankly.
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By al - 2:25 p.m. |

weezer's blue album was good! shame!
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