Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Who wants to run?

This is a copy of a post I made to an otherwise worthless PEILocals message board thread that I'm not going to link to.
i've often wished i had the ambition and knowledge of politics to do so. but i find politics dumb and confusing. or i should say, the corrupt political banterings of today i find dumb and confusing. and boring.

politics in general are very intriguing. i just wish that the polititions running today had a genuin interest in governing our contry and not lining their own pockets and forcing their twisted views on us.

i'm scared as hell going to vote this time. i have no idea who the fuck to vote for this time.
I think the best coup against good government has been the stigmatization of politicians as shiftless scum. 40 years ago if you asked the brightest, most popular kid in a class what he wants to do, and he said he might like to get into politics some day, people would think that was sensible and proper. Now, aside from the fact that these days, the brightest kid is rarely the most popular, you would also feel immediately distrustful of someone who would say they want to be a politician.

A massive, radical movement of intelligent, motivated people who are willing to fight hard to get into office, and treating it like a real profession, is something I would love to see and maybe help happen in my life time.
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