Tuesday, January 10, 2006

McLaren in Orange

Future's Bright for McLaren

The McLaren F1 team doesn't have a title sponsor at the moment, having lost the sponsorship of the West tobacco company. They have a deal with Vodaphone starting in 2007 but right now Vodaphone is still involved in a deal with Ferrari. The neat thing about these temporary colours is that they are the traditional McLaren colours back when they ran in Can-Am races in the 60s.

But since that was way before my time the Orange reminds me more of the Arrows F1 team that died a few years ago. I always liked McLaren's black / white / grey colour scheme, it set them apart from the brightly-coloured competition, made them look a little more futuristic and intimidating.

No idea what their final colours will look like. The other major sports team that Vodaphone sponsors is Manchester UTD, whose bright red uniforms were around long before Vodaphone's, same with Ferrari's red (though these days they changed their traditional deep red to a Marlboro orange, to the chagrin of purists.) Maybe a white background with only the logo having a red background might set them apart from Ferrari. But it would make them look close to Toyota's colour scheme.
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