Wednesday, January 11, 2006

How to afford an Apple computer

Buy Apple stock in 1996.

In other news, I think the best part of Macworld so far, for me, we hearing that Apple's stock closed at $80.86 on the day they unveiled Intel Macs.

The new TV ad is also pretty funny.

The thing I do feel kind of bad about is that a friend of my parents asked me specifically when Apple was going to introduce the Intel-based macs and I said, following what Apple had announced at WWDC 2005, that it wouldn't be until at least the Summer. So she went ahead and bought a brand new iMac, about 6 weeks ago. Yikes.

On the other hand, the professional applications like Photoshop and MS Office and Final Cut Pro don't have universal (fat) binaries out yet, so waiting a few months for the kinks to be worked out of these models wouldn't be too bad an idea.

I also find it funny that Apple has instantly jumped to the front of x86 processor adoption, becoming the first hardware maker to have a product based on the brand new Core Duo processor. If this Apple-Intel partnership gets any cozier, the Dell/AMD rumours might come true sooner than expected.

And Microsoft might just be left in the cold, relegating to powering boring little white boxes on accountants' desks while the rest of us get to work with something a little less user-hostile.
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