Sunday, December 04, 2005

More on Liberals Having it Both Ways with the US

The Toronto Star just posted an article Ghost Flights Over Canada detailing how a CIA plane used an airport in St. John's, showing that while the Liberals talk publicly about not supporting the US's inhuman foreign policies, they still secretly give them material and tactical support.
It is almost certainly a CIA shell company, existing on paper only, and the turboprop was likely carrying a "ghost" prisoner to a country where torture is used during interrogations.

Such covert flights, known as "extraordinary renditions," became infamous in Canada in the case of Maher Arar, the Ottawa man who was tortured in Syria after being whisked away from New York's John F. Kennedy Airport as a suspected terrorist.

The United States denies it tortures suspects.

There have been five occasions in which suspected CIA-linked aircraft flew over Canada, or landed in Newfoundland or Nunavut, over the past six months.

And the flights are raising the same kind of questions that are being asked in capitals around the world.

Did official Ottawa know of the flights and who might have been on the aircraft?

Did the Canadian Security and Intelligence Service (CSIS) co-operate in allowing the U.S. overflights and landings?

If so, they were breaking international law.
In the end because George W. Bush and his administration only know the value of public perception, such aiding and abetting of torture isn't going to win Canada any points with the U.S., and every study done on teh subject shows that torture is not an effective way to gain information, so even when considered from a purely self-interested standpoint, there's simply no reason why Canada should be helping the U.S. covertly break international law.

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And on top of all the other fuss Ignatieff has created, he's now being forced to dance around what he believes is and isn't acceptable "torture". I pretty sure he doesn't condone torture, but this guy is just turning into a pr nightmare.
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