Monday, September 12, 2005

conversation over beer.

red ale vs pale ale

I love conversations over beer. They are by far some of the best conversations I have ever had. When else do you discuss the probability the amazing looking boy, having an actual personality...come clean on a secret crush or develop world domination schemes, using beer mugs and tooth pics.
One of my favorite conversations is long discussion about the validity of sex. That in retrospect was completely hilarious. One girl actually argued that sex developed for cultural purposes. Being much more of a scientist I believe that sex is deeply entwined in culture, but truly I think that it developed for reproductive purposes.
Another big favorite conversation was with my roommate and we discussed art and how we all see a different thing in one piece. We wondered into a large conversation how the artist opinion is rarely that of what critics discuss.
Or there was a conversation with my current roommate in which we created a new world based on some artwork behind the Wintersleep band...I was in tears with that one.
Then there is the conversation that happens and you somehow miss it. The ones where you suddenly develop a huge crush on someone based on this single conversation. Happened to me not to long ago.
PS this post is not suppose to mention any thing of great meaning but just be a post cause Al pointed out I haven't posted in a while.

By Sabrina - 8:38 p.m. |

Good post, interesting too. I certainly love the chance to talk about something more deeply than one would normally think about it.

Oh, I edited your post to make the image fit onto the page. I usually figure 450 pixels as the maximum image width for blog posts.
Well bring soem friends tonight and in the deepth of our beer mugs perhaps we will find something of substancial to speak of....Let's avoid work.
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