Friday, August 19, 2005

ran into the comedian

I was at cafe Diem today with my roomate and we ran into one of the cast from sketch 22(Dennis Trainor) . I was waiting to get into the washroom and he was fixing his coffee. Someone had asked about the show and he had told them that it was going to be extended until Sept 9th.

I took the chance to let him know how much I enjoyed the show. It was really cool, I do enjoy the chance to tell artist, and actor that I appreciate their work.

He mentioned they don't get to see the show. I thougth it would be fun if someone could video tape a few of the shows for them and send it to them.

By Sabrina - 10:47 PM |

That's funny, we ran into a couple of the dudes from Sketch 22 just tonight, after they finished their show. They thanked us for saying nice stuff about them online, guess the trend is continuing.
I think it was just before the show started...but steve and I saw three of them...apparently one of them is my new roommate's, keith, coussin.
Not sure which one though
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