Friday, August 19, 2005

CBC Employee Blogs

Antonia Zerbisias has a good roundup of the CBC employee blogs that are springing up like dandelions since the lockout began. Link.

Also, Peter Rukavina linked to this seven minute audio file explaining their side of the lockout. Link.

It's very interesting how the CBC employees are finding ways to get their side heard, to try make some small effort to counter the full-page newspaper ads the CBC management are taking out across the country (at taxpayer expense, natch).

I'm thinking that there's some element at CBC management that would really rather see CBC crumble than lose this fight. The paradox of public sector strikes is that the longer they go on, the more money the management (government) saves, since they don't depend on the workers to make or sell anything. (Though of course this is a lockout and not a strike - CBC management have barred the doors and are standing between employees and their paycheques and benefits, after they worked without a contract for a year already, and won't let them back to do their jobs until they agree to some pretty serious cuts in ob security for many employees.

One wonders whom the CBC management are trying to impress.
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By al - 10:02 p.m. |

Isn't the theory that if you lock the employees out until Hockey season starts they'll save almost 2 months of payroll. And as long as Hockey is not affected the CBC shoudln't suffer many long term effects.
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