Monday, August 22, 2005


Al did you change the hallway? Where are all the characters? I want them back.

By Sabrina - 6:55 a.m. |

I didn't change anything. All the images for the site are hosteed on Ming's computer. He probably turned it off for a while.
ah! okay cool! I can be patient.
That's odd, it was running last night. I'll check my server at noon. . . .
That was weird. Apparently something went to lunch on my server. The box was still up and running, Apache was running, however it wasn't actually serving for whatever reason. I rebooted the server. Not that it was necessary, rather I wanted to get rid of some zombies firefox has been abandoning on the box for a while now. Everything should be working again. If you ever notice something odd with my server, let me know.
I have to say your uptime has been pretty incredible, this is the first time I've noticed the images not working.
Well, it's not commerical grade reliability (99.997% or whatever crazy number that is), but for something that runs out of my basement it's not bad.
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