Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So I'm attempting to gather up a few ringers to come with me and hopefully take Tuesday Night Trivia at the Churchill Arms by storm. Apparently there's one large group that basically forms a single team and is a bit like the Blob. Hopefully we'll take them by surprise and eke out a quiet victory.

Of the people I'm getting together we'll have Science super covered (chemistry and physics), computers / tech, English / Lit, and I bring my mountains of useless knowledge along to fill in the cracks. Our areas of weakness will probably be sports and we likely don't come close in terms of 80's / pop culture. But I've heard that the trivia questions at this place are much more suited to our style than would be typical.

I'll report back on how it turns out.

By al - 6:38 p.m. |

Well, neither we nor the much-hyped blog team won. But we would have if we had gone with my gut answer that Nestle was the company that owned the Willy Wonka's candy brand and that the Detroit Redwings were the highest paid team in the NHL the year before the strike.

Oh well.
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