Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Why do I read the comments on slashdot?

Most of the time, I just read the post and move on. If something sounds really interesting, I'll go to the story the post is pointing to. Occassionally, I'll browse the comments. Not that I'm looking for anything insightful, rather to find idiotic and humourous stuff. Like this (note, that's not me btw):

Re:Favorite bumper sticker: (Score:4, Funny)
by Mingco (883841) on Monday July 11, @10:55PM (#13038980)
Jesus saves...everyone else takes 2d20 crushing damage

Jesus is not immune to piercing damage, however.

Okay, maybe to non-gamers it might not be funny but I think you get my point.

By Ming - 12:36 p.m. |

That is so terse!

Gotta love to-the-point D&D academic humour.
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