Tuesday, July 05, 2005

That's All, Folks

So I'm done with the job I was at, thankfully. I'm a good actor, but playing a part in a bizarre charade for 8 hours or more a day is just too much method acting for me. But I think I'll follow someone else's good example and not dwell too heavily on unpleasantness.

I'm dysfunctional, you're dysfunctional

Posting in lieu of a twelve-step program.

I was planning on writing a scathing report about getting out of a job that made me feel bad. I thought of all sorts of clever things (well, I thought they were clever) to write. I invented the "work soul" that was slowly destroyed. I figured that I could bask in the illusion that I was so indespensible that staying at work was akin to "staying together for the children" in a bad relationship. The parallels would have been astounding as the error of my erroneous assumptions were revealed to me over time. Oh, the horror I have survivied.

Screw that.

Exit chapter "The Past" and enter chapter "The Future."

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