Thursday, March 25, 2004

Ming's Weekend Travel Itinerary:

Thursday Evening: Leave Summerside.
Thursday Night: Arrive in Grand Falls.
Friday & Saturday: Spend time with the mother.
Saturday Afternoon (approx. 2pm): Leave Grand Falls.
Saturday Afternoon (approx. 4-5pm): Arrive in Fredericton.
Saturday Evening: Devore massive amounts of Chicken.
Saturday Night: *** some form of entertainment ***
Sunday Morning: Leave for Moncton.
Sunday Early Afternoon: Spend time with the sister.
Sunday Late Afternoon: Leave and arrive in Summerside
Sunday Evening: Jouer aux hockey.
Sunday Night: Play D&D
Monday Morning: Sleep and go to work.

No wonder I can't fine time to do anything anymore! Note to self: I need more time off.

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