Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Ten Confessions (idea stolen from HelloDita.com)

1) I have never once eaten a fast food meal without obsessively making sure I finish the fries only when there is one bite of hamburger left, never before or after.
2) I've memorized the Animaniacs song where Yakko sings the names of all the countries in the world. ("United States, Canada, Mixico, Panama, Haiti, Jamaica, Peru...")
3) When it looked almost certain that the Montreal Expos were going to be no more, I had to decide on a new baseball team to cheer for. My number one thought was the Cubs because they never win either.
4) I prefer the taste of less-spicy food, but can physically handle an incredible amount of hotness, so I order it that way to impress people.
5) I've watched The Princess Bride at least once every few months since it came out on video in 1989.
6) I have a secret crush on Hilary Clinton.
7) For the Slut Test, which assumes you are female, it asked you to name a famous man you would sleep with. I chose Isaac Newton.
8) For the past two years straight I've only ever bought one kind of cereal, oatmeal crisp.
9) I once read through and memorized all the cards of a trivial pursuit game.
10) I'm afraid of snow plows.

Now belly up to the bar, bitches, and list yours.

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