Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Yellow Lion says down with plastic.

Yes. That was fun. But if I were ever in a Freedom 55 commericial I'd go back in time just to kick my sorry little ass for breaking Jetfire's arm. I play with the Transformers Armada stuff on occasion, they're less detailed and simple to transform. The newer stuff requires an engineering degree to transform. But at least they're all freed from their boxy prisons. :)

Diecast. All the way. No argument. The heft, the durability, the metallic paint jobs, the ability to take down an assailant with a single blow. They don't make em like they used to. I collect toys cause (to me) the design aesthetic is utterly beautiful. Much in the same way I find the engineering behind planes, cars, basically anything mechanical, beautiful.

I can't own a real life Gundam/Valkyrie/Optimus Prime so I'll make due with their scale equivalents. Never growing up is cool.

Crap. Almost forgot when I was younger Vehicle Voltron was the shit. Funny how nostalgia clouds over the fact that he was actually asstastic. Lion Voltron all the way.

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