Wednesday, November 05, 2003


P.S. Gregatron, apparently you have an 8:30 meet today. Be sure to represent. :)

Megatuan digs the paradox:

There is also the paradox of the man who is own mother (my apologies to Heinlein.) �Jane� is left at an orphanage as a foundling. When �Jane� is a teenager, she falls in love with a drifter, who abandons her but leaves her pregnant. Then disaster strikes. She almost dies giving birth to a baby girl, who is then mysteriously kidnapped. The doctors find that Jane is bleeding badly, but, oddly enough, has both sex organs. So, to save her life, the doctors convert �Jane� to �Jim.�

�Jim� subsequently becomes a roaring drunk, until he meets a friendly bartender (actually a time traveler in disguise) who wisks �Jim� back way into the past. �Jim� meets a beautiful teenage girl, accidentally gets her pregnant with a baby girl. Out of guilt, he kidnaps the baby girl and drops her off at the orphanage. Later, �Jim� joins the time travelers corps, leads a distinguished life, and has one last dream: to disguise himself as a bartender to meet a certain drunk named �Jim� in the past. Question: who is �Jane's� mother, father, brother, sister, grand- father, grandmother, and grandchild?


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