Tuesday, November 04, 2003

I was thinking house shopping was going pretty well, especially after I got input from my sister. Today, my mom saw the houses I like. She hates them. Consequently, she has seen a house she "does" like. Similiarly, I do not like that, nor can I afford the morgage unless I:

A. Sold all my personal belongings.
B. Did not buy anything else beside the house for the next 25 years.
C. Lived in said house without heat/electricity/etc.
D. Found someone crazy enough to give me a morgage that big.

Essentially, I would have a house and sleep in a cardboard box in the bare master bedroom, which is effective slightly better than being homeless. Sometimes I don't understand my mom. When asked why I don't like the house, aside from the obvious answer that I can't possibly afford it, simply put: "When I drove up the street and you told me that was the house, I thought that was a garage not a house!" Seriously, the damn garage sticks out of the frigging house like cancer. It's ugly. You can't see the front door unless you're looking straight onto the house.

I asked my mom for advice when I buy a house because I'm not particularly knowledgable when I come to that stuff. She seems to be of the opinion that I can't buy a house without her approval (with my own money too). Further still, she constantly refers that "she and I" are buying this house or "it's HER house". I'd talk to my mom, but she's too stuborn to listen.

Anyways, back to square one. Looks like I won't be buying a house anytime soon. I guess that makes my other purchases easier. I bought another computer today and I should be getting a second car in the next couple of weeks. Given I don't have a new place, finding space for both these things is going to be a challenge. I think it's about time I rearranged things around my apartment.

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