Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Metal voltron vs. plastic voltron is the real question. On teh one hand, the plastic one was "way bigger, so it's way better" according to a grade 2 classmate of mine when giving his thoughts on my plastic voltron. Also, you could buy the action figures and put them inside the lions.

On the other hand, another friend of mine thought that since voltron was supposed to be able to fly he would be being realistic by throwing it up into the air. Naturally the little white plastic key / tail thing in my blue lion couldn't take the landing, and so I was obliged to break his tail as well.

Being 6 was a great time.

*note that the odd behaviour described above is known as 'playing with your toys', a different strategy from buying them and putting them on your shelf and having internet discussions about them, but we had our fun.

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