Thursday, November 06, 2003

I think I've stumbled onto a bad episode of Red Shoe Diaries. Whilst parking the car, I noticed a red Cavalier off in the distance with the doors open and a dog near said car. Normally I wouldn't make much of this but after walking towards the general direction of work I noticed yet another red Cavalier. No big deal right? 'Cept outta the corner of my eye as I was walking past... 2 middle aged folk goin at it. Nuthin major, I only caught the passionate holding and kissing part. But rest assured my mind wandered off into fits of forbidden Harlequin romance novels.

1. David Duchovny always has that stupid dog in the show. There was a stupid dog in the red Cavalier, which I assume was owned by one of the lovers in the car.

2. The color red, which appeared on 2 instances of a GM product hmmmm...

3. People still do this? I had assummed it was a relic from the 1980's, this 'necking' in a semi public place. Keen. Granted if I hadda caught a flash of titty I wouldn't complain. Heck I'm not even really complainin more like stating an observation. Sorta like when a fisherman catches a supposedly extinct species of fish and lies dumbfounded - that's me.

How I so enjoy rampant speculation. Was it an affair? a tryst? a forbidden passion? the mailman? Oh how the mind wanders.

At least now I understand why the Japanese are so repressed, their cars are too small to get it on...

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