Tuesday, October 16, 2007

More Michael Hlinka Drivel on My Radio

A good motivation for me to get to work early is to avoid hearing this radio columnist's voice even for a second.

Yesterday's bit of warmed-over Reaganomics was about how we should all stop complaining that we don't get enough vacation time. He starts with the old saw about how if you really loved your job it wouldn't feel like work. Well, I like my job as much as any other, but I like sleeping in and travelling and going to the beach a hell of a lot more. And people with families like to spend time with them, if they're good parents, anyway. Sorry, sir, but cutesy clich├ęs are not getting this week's column off to a good start. And it gets worse.

Hlinka's points:

- The US has the lowest number of vacation days but the highest "standard of living". He doesn't say where this rating comes from or what it even measures. I suspect he's making use of the misleading way extremes on the high-end skew up "average" numbers to make the 'average' person feel like they're better off than they are. Sure the US's GDP per capita is higher than other countries', but how much of that is actually allocated to your particular capita? Not as much as an 'average' would seem to indicate.

But then, the faint hope that he might say something sensible..

- European countries, which have the most vacation days for workers, have a higher quality of life than the United States, but says this is not related to vacation time - does not explain why. At all. It's just a hand-waving 'please ignore this inconvenient fact' kind of dismissal.

He concludes this tax-payer funded waste of my time by saying that success is not given by government, it's something you go and get for yourself. But you don't get it by letting your boss pressure you into giving up your family's trip so he can make his bogus time estimates. That makes you a slave. On the other hand, if I have 5 weeks of paid vacation in a year, I might use that time to get the gears moving on a small business I might want to start. That's real freedom and opportunity, wringing every waking moment out of your workers is not.

Christ, what an asshole.

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By al - 9:55 a.m. |

wow. i can only really mirror your closing comment. "what an asshole".

i just don't even know what more to say.
Really late coming to the party, but everytime I hear his voice I know I am going to want to run over small animals. The guy even has the balls to excuse the ceo's of making the mess we are in right now. It's the peoples fault for taking out mortgages they can't afford. Yes it must be it, certainly not the people telling you that it's affordable as they did with me.

Hlinka is an ASSHOLE
Wow, I dont even know where to start, you guys are retarded. I dont know what you idiots do for a living but whatever it is your getting paid to much for it.

If you dont like his radio show dont listen to it, if you cant afford soemthing dont buy it dumbass.

Hes on the radio for a reason, and having had him as one of my professors I can tell your first hand he deserves to be there.

Life is what you make of it, you are responsible for your own decisions, your job, your income ect and it seems to me knuckleheads like you who complain are the ones who are to lazy to do anything else.

How dare you birdbrains diss mike
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