Tuesday, September 12, 2006

O.K. Cola Sucked

Crystal Pepsi was actaully pretty good.

Also, while in the Newark airport I had a cup of coffee and an American Coke, to compare to Mexican Coke which is glorious, and if you took a sip of American Coke and then a sip of coffee the taste of ashtray suddenly filled your mouth. I'm pretty sure I discovered some dark secret that day.

But now I understand why poor Mexican families will save up for a week to buy a bottle of Coke, and why they made a Coke executive president of the country.

By al - 3:52 a.m. |

Is it really that different? Wow.

And what is Crystal Pepsi? Last week I tried the Strawberries and Creme Pepsi. It wasn't that great.
Crystal Pepsi basically tasted like bubblegum, it was around in the early 90s, and was the first in this line of terrible ideas for new soft drinks that didn't even deserve their own brand names. Pepsi Blue was even worse, of course, and I was never able to actually finish a bottle of the stuff.
don't you dare give bubblegum such a horrid name!
hey al, have you ever had Irn Bru?
Natalie Imbru, the australian singer? Can't say that I have. If it's anything else then devfinitely not.
Scotland is the only country in the world (or at least it was 3 years ago) that that didnt have coke or pepsi as their #1 soft drink.

Its this bubble-gummy drink, its orange, and its also an energy drink. Its the most addictive thing Ive ever put in my mouth.

They used to sell it at superstore in this weird "imported drinks" section.
Is it anything like Orangina? Because that stuff is the shit.
Mmm Orangina
Crystal Pepsi was delicious

Pepsi Blue was delicious

Strawberry and Cream Diet Pepsi was good in the beginning but by the end was not great, although I blame that on it being Diet Pepsi which I can rarely finish a whole bottle of.

Also is Orangina on PEI? If so where? I am suitably interested.
They have it at the PEI Preserve Co. nameless cafe.
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